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     The cleaner's professionalism and thoroughness were simply unmatched. A fantastic service that exceeded my expectations. She expertly cleaned two rugs, a carpet, sofa, chair and footstool resulting in immaculately clean and delightfully scented furnishings.
Diana L.18/12/2023
     The staff members I encountered were incredibly accommodating and provided top notch service in my home.
Richard P.24/10/2023
     After being served by Carpet Cleaners Acton for a few months now, I am confident that they are unrivaled when it comes to reliable and professional cleaning service providers.
Steven Hoggard26/07/2023
     From start to finish, booking services with Carpet Cleaners Acton was an absolute pleasure! They were friendly, professional and attentive throughout the entire experience - especially while performing the tasks in my house. I can confidently recommend them without a doubt.
Heather M.20/02/2023
     I couldn't be happier with the window cleaning that Carpet Cleaners Acton provided; absolutely superb!
Alicia Smith06/02/2023
      Acton Carpet Cleaner offers really great quality cleaning services at a very reasonable price. I'm very happy I found them online and they had space for me.
Walter Kenny19/05/2020
     The cleaners were so efficient and pleasant to be around. They did a great job too. I will recommend them to anyone!
Teresa S.19/09/2019
     My husband and I liked our experience with Carpet Cleaning Acton. They have the best home cleaning service.
     Needed quite a lot of help with my carpet cleaning since the carpets had not seen cleaners for months and I could not even hope to start this on my own. I booked with Acton Carpet Cleaner to visit my home and take a look at my problem. Their team had an immediate solution and went to work after I gave them the green light. It was a quick, cheap and speedy clean, and they finished it before I knew it. The floors looked greatly revitalised, just as I like them. Thank you!
Barry Voss07/12/2016
     My husband and I work all through the week and hence cleaning the house becomes a tough task. We often fought over whose responsibility it is to clean the house. Now that we have availed of domestic cleaning services from Carpet Cleaning Acton, we can count on them to ensure that our house stays clean and tidy.
B. David08/05/2015
     The pipe in our bathroom burst and water was flowing everywhere. It totally ruined our carpet and so many other things and we desperately needed help. My husband managed to find a cleaning company named Carpet Cleaning Acton that were local to us and didn't charge us a small fortune. We are very impressed and grateful.
     Acton Carpet Cleaners always do a great job with my house cleaning. I hired the company to give my carpets a professional clean, and now I use them as my regular cleaners! My house has never looked so good, and my cleaner even gets into those tough spots that I could never reach. A most impressive service and very good prices as well.
Violet Davis29/01/2015
     This company was very thorough or should I say more accurately the cleaners were when they arrived at my house. They appeared to have a checklist which they went through and cleaned from room to room very professionally. Little things I had noticed before like some marks around light switches and door handles were cleaned and I also have a cat who is moulting at the minute so it was very important all the floors in the house were either vacuumed or mopped. This was done superbly and in addition to the customer service, not to mention the price, I was very pleased with the service I received from Acton Carpet Cleaners.
     I was moving into a new rented flat and the place was a complete mess. I hadn't the time to do the cleaning work as I worked away all week. My sister suggested I contact Acton Carpet Cleaners and have a professional company to deal with the mess. She had used them from time to time and was always happy with their work. Well all I can say is that they completely changed the look of the place. It looks wonderful and clean now. It doesn't look like the same place; the cleaners did a great job. It is a pleasure to come home now.
Antony Hersh24/07/2014
     If you ever need a carpet cleaner then I strongly recommend that you contact Acton Carpet Cleaners. I've used lots of local carpet cleaning services and not one of them has been able to provide the thorough and amazingly clean service that this company has! Not only do my carpets feel nicer, look cleaner and have brighter colours, but there's also no stains! You wouldn't believe I live with two dogs if you walked into my home and it's all thanks to this company and their carpet cleaners. I can't thank you enough for your help - my home looks better than I've ever seen it before - thank you so much!
     Managing my family's removal had been tough but things were finally going well. However, things took a turn for the worse when we remembered the end of tenancy cleaning. We would need to full clean up the house before we left but we didn't have enough time. I made a quick phone call to Acton Carpet Cleaners and they told me not to worry. Before we knew it, a team of cleaners was at our abode and they quickly got to work. They washed up, wiped, dusted, polished, vacuumed and more. The house was ready for its new owners and we were ready for our move, all thanks to them.
Liz Addington20/06/2014
     It's been about three months now since I started having my house cleaned by Acton Carpet Cleaners and in those three months the difference is so noticeable. I would never say that I'm the best cleaner, but what they have to offer really goes above and beyond everything I might ever have considered cleaning in my home. For anyone who is considering whether cleaning services are really for them, I can only say that the effect which they were able to have on my home was incredible and I'm definitely a convert to the whole system. Best decision I've made, really.
Phyllis Lee04/06/2014
     I have always used a cleaning company, but it still shocks me how much they know when you see them at work. None so much as with Acton Carpet Cleaners who started recently, after we moved to the area. I am very pleased to report that they are amazingly efficient, and really rather good at ensuring that everything gets done well, and all for a great price! If you are the sort who needs a good service at a great rate, then get in touch with them right away, I doubt that you will regret it for a minute!
Betty Olson29/04/2014
     As a person who never has any free time (work + kids = mayhem!), I decided to hire a house cleaning service offered by Acton Carpet Cleaners. At first I had my doubts because I didn't think that anyone would care enough to clean my house in a way that I would. However, I take back all my scepticism! My house was absolutely spotless. I felt as if the cleaners really cared and did a thorough job as opposed to a quick overall clean. I have continued to use their services and have recommended them to all my friends and family members.
Jane Hill27/03/2014
     Knowing that the domestic cleaning is in experienced, trustworthy hands is crucial to maintaining a lovely home, especially when you are as busy as I am. It is therefore with great pleasure that I suggest that anyone in need of such qualities try out Acton Carpet Cleaners as they have been absolutely on point for me and my family for a year or so now. Hard work, great experience and a professional manner will get you far in this industry, and they are going places! Top marks, ten out of ten, excellent work!
Robyn Harmon05/03/2014
     I hired Acton Carpet Cleaners to provide more specialized cleaning services. I needed sofa and upholstery cleaning that was thorough and efficient. I didn't know what services to use to provide these services on my own, I really needed a company that had expertise in upholstery and sofa cleaning to provide the right services. I didn't want to ruin the fabric of my furniture so I needed a reliable company. The staff at Acton Carpet Cleaners were friendly and thorough and knew exactly what services to provide to ensure that my sofa and upholstery was looking new. What a great service!
Jenny Y.18/02/2014
     So you come home early from a weekend away to find your teenage son has thrown a massive party the night before. I will be the first to admit a screamed. Once the telling off was over I couldn't face it myself so I got on the internet and found a recommendation for Acton Carpet Cleaners. They came round straight away with a team and got my house shining again in no time at all. I even paid a little extra for a carpet clean and they ended up looking better than they did pre-party. At least if it happens again I will have someone to call straight away, boys will be boys!
T. Dauncey30/01/2014
     There's nothing bad that I can think to say about Acton Carpet Cleaners. They're a really great cleaning company and it seems like every single one of their cleaners is both efficient and thorough! I've used lots of different cleaning companies before and I've been disappointed by the majority of them, but I have to say that this is one of the best I've come across! It's affordable, professional and they always do an immaculate job that I can't fault. I love this service and tell everyone about it, and my house just looks brilliant now! Thank you all so much!
Phillip L.20/01/2014
     I recently relented to the pressure and got a domestic cleaner in. I had always wanted to avoid using one as I felt it was a little lazy, but recently work and family stuff got a bit much. I now use Acton Carpet Cleaners and they are fantastic. Frankly I'm kicking myself that I never had them over before. It is testament to the fact that they are great value that I am happy to spend the money on such a service every week, as they do such a great job every single time I get them in, and I cannot fault their time keeping in the slightest!
Anne Foster07/01/2014
     I first called Acton Carpet Cleaners for a one-off professional clean for a dinner party I was throwing. I was so impressed with the service I received that I now use a professional cleaner on a weekly basis! My friends were more than shocked at how clean and tidy my house was, and the low prices prompted me to hire a regular cleaning service. The staff are really nice and I don't feel uncomfortable having them in my home. They really do an amazing job and I couldn't be happier. I only wish that I'd thought of hiring professional cleaners a lot sooner!
     If you struggle to find enough time in the day to maintain your home, call Acton Carpet Cleaners. Honestly, I thought I was giving in and did so reluctantly, but since I have had them in one a weekly basis to clean the house my life had changed for the better. I don't stress about the cleaning yet my house stays in a good state. I no longer spend time with my cleaning basket, I spend it with the kids instead. The cost is more than worthwhile - it really will give you a new lease of life. I don't know what I'd do without them now.
Cara Bell02/12/2013